Song of the day (10/5/06)


2nd SOTD; ph34r
at any rate

There are a few people who don’t like Blind Melon – No Rain. They’re the sort of people that later claim power in obscure South American countries or end up running a shoefactory in India, whilst having very fast and loose ideas about democracy and childlabour laws respectively.

The rest of the populace tend to relate to some of the content and feel of the song. It’s powered by a friendly guitar and a high pitched male singer and sort of invokes notions of laziness and indifference whilst not really rejecting them.

Maybe part of the appeal of the song  is mildy describing the effects of the  sense of confusion and overload people get in todays issue/media/stress/hype/work/career-drenched society. Or maybe I read too much into things and it’s just a pleasantsounding song. At any rate, I liked it enough to do a solo project on it in late 2002. If you’ve never heard of it, check it out.


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