Song of the day (10/6/06)

Today’s song is Vatican Rag, by Tom Lehrer. If there are people who don’t believe there was anything funny going on before 1969 (when the Python crew produced and BBC aired the Flying Circus show) or that Americans have nothing to offer to the world of comedy, then a number of songs of Tom Lehrer need listening to.

Lehrer. <– lehrer.
I picked “Vatican Rag” because I think it’s the best. It sort of hangs in the balance of being cheerfully innocently witty and making a nasty stab at Catholicism. It’s got a catchy tune, and parts of the lyrics (that don’t mention creepy obscure Catholic terminology) are quite singable. It’s pianobased and I believe the good man played it himself.

Quality humor and satire from the ye olde days is always refreshing!


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