Song of the day (10/7/06)

So in 1984 a bloke named Peter Thomas narrated a documentary called Vietnam Requiem. A year later, synthesizer-wielding Paul Hardcastle strolled along, stole loads of (voice) samples from Thomas and interviewees in the documentary, and produced the creepily awesome track “19“.

The song became a hit record in the UK.

Hardcastle’s ye olde face.

I find 19 especially sweetass as it is one of those songs (just like Springsteen’s War or U2’s bloody Sunday) that keeps reminding the listener about the nastiness of war whenever it pops up. Other than that, it just sounds really sharp. And it’s one of those early tracks that used sampling without asking permission and subsequently getting sued for it (same happened to Pump up the volume from M.A.R.R.S. I think)

Though samply, synthesizy and electronicy, the track has a catchy tune with a powerful selection of quotes from the documentary. You could say it’s “dance” but I can’t imagine a club playing this track anywhere and expect people to dance to it. It’s like headbanging to Bob Dylan 😛

If you’ve never heard (about) it, go acquire. Tis worth it.


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