Song of the day (10/11/06)

Hoooooooooverphonic! Ever since “Mad about you” I’ve been mad about them. They’re sweetass. They manage to put some soul into semi-electronical music. You could say it’s triphop (meh) and maybe comparable to Lamb (meh). Basically what you have are fresh lyrics, a beautiful lead vocalist (in voice and looks) and an engaging bit of electronical drummage/rhythmage. I suck at reviewing or describing music, but I do know when something sounds good. And Plus Profound from Hooverphonic sounds good.


Plus Profound is one of my recent favourites, before I’ve always had “Mad about you” as my preferred track, calling it “the best song of the 90s”. There’s been some more decent stuff crafted in the 90’s though so I’m not too sure about that anymore. Still, Hooverphonic. Fucking. Rocks. I saw them live at Pinkpop ’06 and was blown away. So was the rest of the audience – after the act everyone kept shouting and clapping until they got back, all flustered, and bowed. Very cute.


Anyway, the reason Plus Profound is the song of the day is because it has an awesome instrumental theme running through it – a hard-to-describe main sound (as opposed to tune) which is quite recognizable and impressive (imo). Go listen.


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