Song of the day (10/16/06)

Yarr! It’s been 10/17 for one hour already officially, but that doesn’t stop me from telling you about Murray Head’s One Night in Bangkok.

murray head

My (extended) version starts off with a wicked 1 min 45 sec Eastern sounding intro. Some kind of sweetass flute combined with electric guitars, awesome percussion and even some trombone kind of instrument. Then at 1:45 it abruptly stops and turns into a distinct 80’s sound. Indeed, the track is from 1984. Few probably know about the musical Chess it was part of (I know I didn’t). Obviously the song has outgrown its original musical context, and could be considered an evergreen. I like the instrumental bit at the start, and the rap-esque way of delivering the lyrics, and the catchy chorus, and the instruments throughout the second bit. Hell, I love all of it. And you should too!


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