Song of the day (10/17/06)

Screw chronology and posting routine. At the 20th, you get the song of the 17th, mkay?

It’s Chan Chan, by Buena Vista Social Club.

Buena Vista Social Club

The Buena Vista Social Club is a group of about fifteen old farts who die every now and then and get replaced. They were formed in 1997, the bandname based on a Havanabased members-only club from the 1940’s. They are mainly Cuban (there’s two Americans I think) and Chan Chan sounds very Latin indeed. I have no clue what the dudes are singing about, but it sounds nice. Apparently they’ve been hyped around the end of the 90s, and have caused a surge of interest for Cuban music in the States.

I’m not sure what sets Chan Chan apart from other music, or what makes it special. I just like it. It’s cute. It carries on in the same rhythm from start til finish and is very pleasing background music. The Buena Vista Social Club are old men and they sound like old men! Cool old men. Maybe that’s the refreshing bit about it.

EDIT: here’s a youtube. It’s deliberately out of sync:


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