Song of the day (10/18/06)

Hot damn. I’m really behind in my songs right now :/

Things have been rather hectic and full of drama. The stuff of blogpostings, even though you’re not going to read about it here.  At any rate, I’ll just do some bulk song posting now.

I’ll start off with John Mayall’s Room To Move.


The dude’s bleedin’ ancient. Rumour (wiki) has it that he’s been doing music since 1956. Holy shit. My mum was five years old back then. She’s old and frail now. And this dude’s been doing music the entire time. WTF.

And still he’s not all that famous. He’s worked with Clapton and has influenced a shitload of bands, but the name rarely rings a bell to people. Hell, I didn’t know what he was about until I dug around a bit for the sake of this post.

Anyway, room to move is a country-blues-freestyle jamming thing. It’s got an awesome harmonica thing for the most part. I am a sucker for harmonicas; my mum gave me one when I was fairly young. Never did anything with it though so that must not be the case 😛 I just like their sound. Especially when Dylan wields them, but in this song it’s just as proper.

The best part is the middle part where he goes on a weird ‘chicker chicker’ vocal thing that sounds v. cool. I haven’t heard it elsewhere, but it’s neat.

Sadly I haven’t found anyone else who likes this song or cares for it. Nor for one of his other masterpieces, California. Rather a shame. If you do enjoy his shit, kindly comment!


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