Song of the day (10/21/06)

Ok, I am on a roll ranting about original work vs covers. This time my arch enemy Puff Daddy is going to get it.

I recall when Puffyboy released Come with me in 1998, part of the soundtrack of Godzilla. At the time I was in high school and the song was spammed on the telly and the radio incessantly. I remember some of my (female) classmates thinking it pretty awesome – at the time I was, inspired by my elder cousin and his friends, kind of rabidly anti-puffdaddy because of all the musical theft – oops, musical inspiration? he was committing. Little did I know at that time that he robbed the main selling point of the track – its violinish rhythm undercurrent thing – from Good Old Led Zeppelin.

Led Zeppelin ‘69

Led Zeppelin composed and performed today’s song of the day, Kashmir, in 1975. It’s got vocals from a totally stoned Robert Plant, and has a sort of Eastern feel to it. Wikipedia reveals that the song was inspired by a trip to Morocco. Fair enough.

The song is still wickedly awesome, and can run around your head for days after you heard it for the first few times. Led Zeppelin of course will never fade into obscurity nor do I think a great many people are totally ignorant of Kashmir. Fun fact: it got a little mention in Ocean’s Twelve. Go check it out if you don’t know it!


One thought on “Song of the day (10/21/06)

  1. Ness

    kashmir = all about opium of course
    in those days the positive and negative effects of drugs on the psyche were largely unknown to the public

    and like hotel california, this song is a commercial for heroine, a coded message and a warning at the same time


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