“Putting the Sans in Comic Sans”


This was a huge source of enjoyment for me during one of my university class sessions. I knew about the “Ban Comic Sans” picture for quite a while now, but I never fathomed that it was an actual movement. To my immense enjoyment, the anti-ComicSans scene comes with golden pictures like this one:

Punch the bunny

I’ve been annoyed with the copious use of the font for a long time. It was the first font I could ever recognize on sight. Everyone used it for everything – advertisements, school papers, invitations and so on. I’ll grudgingly admit that I used it like that as well at the start but quickly stopped once I saw that it had become a rage to abuse the font on a grand scale.

Imagine the joy when I discovered a few weeks ago that there’s an organized movement against the font. My glee met its peak when I found out that the poor bastard who designed the font – Vincent Connare – wrote a rather defensive page about it. It’s as if he’s trying to convince the Comic Sans hating audience that he didn’t mean any harm and that the font can be useful and cool. The mere fact he wrote the page in this style amused me to no end.

BanComicSans.com also provides this great flyer (pdf).

Spread the word! Stop the madness!

Ban Comic Sans!


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