Song of the day (10/24/06)

Alan Parsons Project is cool, if only because of the name itself. “Alan Parson’s Project” doesn’t even sound like a musician’s endeavour. It is though, and an awesome ensemble at that. Composed of mainly two blokes named Alan Parsons and Eric Woolfson, APP has released themed albums between ’76 and ’87 – themes/concepts include surveillance, gambling, and Edgar Allan Poe. As you may have noticed from the other song of the day posts I kinda enjoy music that has some level of meaning or at least isn’t about old chewed out subjects like love and relationships. I enjoy the occasional lovesong or song of personal drama, but what I really respect is artists who move away from the private and focus on larger (social) issues. I like a Message in a song.

Alan Parsons and Eric Woolfson

To not prove my point I pick “Luciferama” as the Song of the Day. It is an instrumental piece lasting about five minutes. I think my version is a live recording. Luciferama features a sweetass percussion bit and is mainly lead by some string instrument. There’s an uplifting beat running through the entire track. To wrap it up, Luciferama is fantastically awesome.
I could’ve picked “Sirius” since that’s Alan Parson’s most famous instrumental piece, but I thought I’d pick something decently obscure again. Check out Luciferama if you can! You can whore it off of me if you drop me a line.


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