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Even more Richard Dawkins!

I can’t get enough of him, apparently. I’m feeling more self-righteous every minute I watch his stuff 😀

Here’s a BBC documentary where Dawkins extensively argues his point about religion/faith being a dangerous, degenerate principle. He shows some disconcerting examples of the harm religion has been causing, of the indoctrination of children, of the cruelty of God and so on. It’s a lengthy watch – two times 48 minutes – but well worth the time if you’re interested in this sort of thing.




Richard Dawkins Interview

So I just finished watching a half hour interview with Richard Dawkins by Jonathan Miller. YouTube is amazing.

Here’s the stuff:




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A Richard Dawkins video

I think I may have to occasionally post a Dawkins video. The dude is a rabid atheist. I like him.

The above lecture isn’t about religion/atheism though (although he neatly makes a stab at it in the end). What he talks about is actually what my mum used to try to tell me but of which I could not make sense of at the time.

Dawkins’ most impressive feat is that he can explain complicated things in an understandable way without oversimplifying anything. If that is not a grand skill, I don’t know what is.

Ricky Gervais on the Bible

This is sort of a filler post – I haven’t posted anything in quite a while due to be ridiculously busy with amateur theatre. That should be over after sunday and I’ll move to post regularly again then.

In the mean time, here’s a wickedly awesome excerpt from Ricky Gervais’s standup called Animals. (He’s also done one on politics, which is also brilliant). If you’ve never heard of the man, he’s the guy from The Office. Anyway, check it out:

whine post

I actually want to keep specific personal shit out of this blog, but I calculated for fun the time I spent travelling wednesday november 16th, and I was kind of surprised with the ridiculous results.

I had three things to do that day: 1) attend class 2) eat at my aunt’s 3) have theatre practice.

1) is in Amsterdam, 2) and 3) are in Bovenkarspel. I live in Leiden.

So travelling back and forth between these places yielded these results:

Wednesday 16/11

9:00 – 9:14 <– bike to trainstation — 14 mins
9:14 – 9:55 <– travel to a’dam central — 40 mins
9:55 – 10:12 <– walk to uni due to fucking strike– 17 mins

13:12 – 13:44 <– walk to a’dam central + wait for train – 32 mins
13:44 – 14:24 <– travel to leiden central — 40 mins
14:24 – 14:38 <– bike back home – 14 mins

16:00 – 16:21 <– bike to leiden central + wait for train – 21 mins
16:21 – 17:47 <– travel to hoorn + wait for train- 86 mins
17:47 – 18:06 <– travel to bovenkarspel flora – 19 mins
18:06 – 18:18 <– walk to aunt – 12 mins
19:00 – 19:10 <– bike to theatre – 10 mins

22:45 – 22:55 <– bike back to aunt – 10 mins

23:15 – 23:29 <– walk back to flora + wait for train – 14 mins
23:29 – 00:23 <– travel to sloterdijk – 54 mins
00:23 – 01:36 <– travel to leiden central + wait for train – 73 mins
01:36 – 01:50 <– bike back home – 14 mins

Total time spent traveling + waiting: 7.83h or 470 mins

so yeah, when theres prototype teleporter technology, ill volunteer as (the first) human guinea pig 😛

I’d describe myself as a lazy, barely motivated person so I kind of deserve these traveltimes, but I bet there’s scores of people who do this shit daily and feel it’s necessary or worthwhile or acceptable. Shoot me if I become like that, k?

Robin Williams live at Broadway is BRILLIANT

WARNING! Linkspam:

Robin Williams Stand up comedy part 2
Robin Williams Stand up comedy part 3
Robin Williams Stand up comedy part 4 (Need to register for this one)
Robin Williams Stand up comedy part 5
Robin Williams Stand up comedy part 6
Robin Williams Stand up comedy part 7
Robin Williams Stand up comedy part 8
Robin Williams Stand up comedy part 9
Robin Williams Stand up comedy part 10

For those who don’t know about Robin Williams and stand up, but do know his films, watching this may get a little awkward. Robin Williams cussing and bitching and talking about drugs and jumping up and down, it takes a little getting used to. For me, all the over-the-top-sexual/fart jokes weren’t really funny. But man, his political/religious/ethnic (parts 4-7) shit is BRILLIANT. The dude is really impressive. He rocks. It helps that he mirrors my political spectrum 😛

He also drinks a whole lot of water, eeek. But with all the moving about, that seems a necessity.

Go check it out!