“In The Beginning, There Was The Word”

And the word was “Fuck!”

Fuck  is a great one and a half hour documentary by Steve Anderson about the history, appeal, usage and possible problems with the word “fuck”. It shows a surprisingly balanced menu of speakers; conservatives, liberals, pornstars, ‘cunning linguists’ and so on. Even though (to me) most of the “anti-fuck” crowd seem stuck up and silly, I do feel that the documentary wants to give a balanced overview of the pros and cons of the word.

Fuck Documentary

I enjoyed the documentary thoroughly, even though it doesn’t seem to be heading somewhere or make judgments. It’s just an intriguing lump of information, also possibly making you gain insight in the minds of people that are pro- and con swearing.

There’s a torrent for it here and it’s 700 MB in size. Check it out!


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