Song of the day (10/27/06)

In 1990 a bloke named Adam Tinley (known as Adamski) collaborated with a dude named Seal Henry Olusegun Olumide Adeola Samuel, (known as Seal) and as their powers combined, they created Killer, which is better than Captain Planet.


Killer is a track that invokes that semi-pleasant/nostalgic “90s feeling”. It’s a memorable dance hit, and derives most of its power from the main beat (which is awesome) though Seal’s vocals come in at a close second.

George Michael later on meshed “Killer” together with “Papa Was A Rolling Stone”. Turned out awesome + awesome is TooAwesome. But since George didn’t author the music himself, ’tis Seal who gets all the credits for this round (Adamski be damned).

By the way, Kiss from a Rose is probably better known (and is one of the few lovesongs I actually like) but since it’s better known I’d thought I’d bring this one to thy attention.

Go acquire if you don’t know it!

Questionable quality, but it gets the point across!


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