Song of the day (10/28/06)

Trans-Siberian Orchestra just randomed in on my playlist. I wondered why I didn’t make a song of the day of their work yet. So here ’tis.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra

I’ll pick Wizards in Winter just because of the Christmaslights displays (youtubes available if you click “read the rest of this article”)

TSO is mainly known for their Christmas work. Some have vocals, some are instrumental (like Wizards in Winter). Personally, my favourite TSO work is all instrumental, and comes from their only non-Christmas album, Beethoven’s Last Night. TSO beautifully combines classical music and metal. I don’t pay much mind to either genre but the way TSO juggles with these styles is magnificent. Symphonic Metal eat your heart out!

Wizards in Winter is just as rich as most other TSO tracks. Other favourites of mine include First Snow, A Mad Russian’s Christmas and Wish Liszt, the latter being especially awesome to me because it reminded me of a wicked Tom & Jerry cartoon. It’s hard to describe Wizards in Winter, it’s just an awesome orchestral track with electrical guitars and sweetass piano play and just go and check out the youtube videos below, ok?

this is the most well-known version around the net, a lot of people have seen it.

These lights are more impressive, video quality is also better.


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