Monthly Archives: December 2006

Chris Bliss juggling to the beatles, and more…

Seems YouTube has my soul, and no blogpost can go without videos hosted within its premises.. Oh well.

No dancing or drawing this time, but juggling. I suck at it and I’m amazed at the basic art of keeping three balls airborn, but these guys just blow my mind. First up is a dude who can juggle to a Beatle tune:


Then here’s a stylish dude named Steven Ragatz who does creepy things with a suitcase, a hat and some red balls:


Finally, YouTube is all about You, according to Time Magazine, so here’s an impressive home-made juggling thing:




Here’s three videos of three peculiar ways of committing art. The first one is an internet classic, sand animation:


Music could be Kitaro?  I wouldn’t know.. It’s sweet though.

Next up is, heh, how to draw a car in microsoft paint:


The last one is an amazingly beautiful spraypainted painting. I wouldn’t mind having this shit hang on my walls. And he does it in below 10 minutes, as well. Wah.


…and hilarity ensued.

Time to lighten up a bit after my Dawkins spam. In an earlier post I had already posted an example of how funny shit is when actors themselves lose it in a comedy bit. Don’t we all love it when someone breaks character and can’t keep a stern look straight anymore!

I have here a sound clip from a radio program featuring a dude named DJ Super Snake who is on a mission to expose people that cheat.  In the program an Indian woman named Jasmine asks Snake’s help to find out if her husband is cheating on her. In the ensuing mayhem Snake completely loses it and can’t stop laughing – which for me is the funny bit about it.

And most people will probably already know this one – Richard Simmons on Whose Line Is It Anyway:

I don’t care much for stuff involving cheap homosexual jokes but the sheer glee of the hosts and the actors make this a memorable piece of comedy 😀