Thesis update

Alright, shit has been getting serious. I’m writing this down for myself as a reminder not to fuck up.

So i started this thread about my thesis subject in temple and the response has been creepily positive. Brother Green, the site administrator, seems excited to help out and the players are enthusiastically supporting (rather than mocking) the endeavour. Furthermore I received an 8/10 for my thesis proposal, which is not something I had expected. The teacher from the thesis proposal class seemed very interested and he’s confident I can pull it off. Then another guy who’s guiding my thesis seems very interested as well, was quick to agree to support it and said that my six years worth of experience in Utopia is something very rare and valuable and that it basically needs to be exploited or mined.

Then there’s Geert Lovink who seems positive about me trying to fuse the “free cooperation” concept from his pal Christoph Spehr with online gaming cooperative ventures.

I receive emails with support regarding my thesis, and a lot of players volunteering for interviews.

Quite possibly, the company that created and hosts Utopia, will be willing to assist me as well…


Rather than this project being solely for my own benefit (i.e. getting a Master’s degree) I seem to have gathered a sphere of people borderline hungering for this thesis. That means there’s a lot of pressure not to fuck up, and to produce something actually worthwhile, knowing that a lot of people will read it. Also, it seems the game has finally merged with my university work in a strange way – completing a decent thesis will probably boost my reputation somewhat in the community, and it’s not unlikely there will be in-game effects.

I better get to work, ffs :/


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