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Why study Utopia?

(Again, please do not mind the footnote mess. Also, take note that this segment is far from finished, I plan to incorporate interview data, forum data and other data from literature in the field)


Why does it matter, anyway?


Why study MMOGs? It is a good question. Games have become quite the economic force over the past few decades; with World of Warcraft reaching the eight million player mark in January 20071. Considering that a WoW copy costs €30,- and playing online requires a monthly subscription of €13,-, it follows that the company has made at least 240 million euros from WoW sales only, with at least 104 million euros incoming monthly – and that’s just one game. But I would agree with David Nieborg2 that the amount of gamers and the total amount of (free) time spent on gaming is the more meaningful way of validating game research and MMOG research specifically. Continue reading