^ That’s Pep. Peppie online, Pepijn Uitterhoeve in RL. I am a student at the University of Amsterdam, studying New Media. Most people look at me hesitantly when I say that, so to clarify: New Media is a branch from a larger study called Media and Culture, which is a part of the Humanities faculty. It involves looking at film, television and (in my case) new media from a more analytical standpoint. Instead of learning the skills to create new media products, we study how people use these media, or how media affect people. Stuff from philosophy, psychology, literature studies, sociology and history is used to make more sense of the media landscape that dominates today’s (Western) society.

So it’s a very theoretical approach to media, and it’s very engaging and intriguing on multiple levels.

At any rate,  I started this blog mainly due to peerpressure from my fellow students and my teacher. I plan to use it to post my progress on my Master thesis which is due this year. I will be writing about the webgame Utopia, most likely in the direction of online community and cooperation.  Most of the time I will post about mainly intriguing or amusing things I come across online, as well as a “Song of the day” to keep me posting in this blog.


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  1. peppie Post author

    Yeah, sin city is a dystopia. As such it can still provide useful commentary on society, though. Or at least provide an arresting casestudy for the growing estrangement and alienation in contemporary society. Or whatever.

    Personally I just like the raw style. I loved the film exactly for that. It’s refreshing stuff compared to most things Hollywood spits out.


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