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Voting is for white people ok?

I am outraged. Who do these uppity negroes think they are? Thinking they can smear poo on the Great American Republic. So what that they wait in lines? They’re used to it!

I think they should just stfu and suck it up. And sit in the back of the bus, ok? Jeez.


Don’t Become Depressed.. Become Republican!

Go check out this one –>

It certainly changed my mind about politics!

Btw, it’s brilliant how many stereotypes and stigmas they can slam into one place 😀

If you don’t know this flash production, be sure to check it out. You can kill the music if it grinds on your nerves.

Stubble update: subtly hairy. Still not king.

I am planning to post various online fads on this blog to help save them from falling into obscurity.


This post is dedicated to Cassandra Claire’s Very Secret Diaries, which is an absolutely brilliant ‘alternative reading’ of the Lord of the Rings characters. It’s text only, and may appeal more to the female audience, but it’s very well written and those who don’t know it should definitely read at least two pages. Chronological order is recommended (from top to bottom).


These things were written about half a year after the release of the first film, and have (I think) pissed off some fans. Good! People who take things too seriously need to be offended whenever and however possible.


Go and read!

Belgium Doesn’t Exist!

Bloody commies. Even I fell for it. Take a look at this one.

Here are some quotes to prepare you:

Belgium is, and has always been, a leftist ruse; a device applied to propagate the Liberal agenda throughout the world. Hijacking a real country for this use would be difficult at best; the people living there wouldn’t stand for it (i.e. the fall of communism.) Thus the idea to invent an imaginary country, insert it into the global consciousness through the perversion of history, and use it as a tool of manipulation was born.

Intrigued? Read on!

Belgium history was designed with just enough territorial skirmishes, political struggles, and colonialism to make it blend in with the rest of Europe. That, combined with the co-opting of French and German historical figures and events creates an alternate history that meshes with the real one. Where does the contrivances stop and reality begin?

This came as a shocker to me. So what about the Belgians themselves?

“Belgian” citizens are actually innocent (for the most part) people (for the most part) that have been kidnapped by the New World Order’s Belgian Conspiracy division and brainwashed using psychotronic mind control, psychotropically enhanced beer, and neurolinguistic programming into believing that they are Belgians.

More intrigue!

The choice of this code was no coincidence. By associating Belgium with “be”, Belgian Conspiracy memeticists are trying to inculcate the “country” into being. Their primary goal is to have one think “be” whenever one sees the word “Belgium”, causing a cognitive fusion with the verb “to be” that will result in one believing that Belgium exists. Furthermore, they hope that “be” will become so totally linked with Belgium that one can’t disassociate the two, leading to the breakdown of the separate concept of “being” and the acceptance of their new concept of “Belgiuming”. At that point, Belgium — or more specifically, the Belgian Conspiracy — will define existence, and the very reality of all things non-Belgian will be in doubt.

The evidence is compelling. I for one will no longer fall for the ruse called Belgium. Read the site, open your mind, allow yourself to be persuaded.

Raaah! Leftist scum. One day we’ll make them pay, just like in 1989 and 1991.

For Victory!

Nowadays, it is not uncommon to see the usage of the abbreviation “FTW“. It means For The Win (or For Teh Win) and can be used both sincerely and mockingly.

I’ve been generously using it myself, so you can imagine my glee when I found out that over half a century ago, people said “For Victory!”.

I stumbled upon this after my mum shoved me another link about a short 1942  film called “Hemp For Victory“. The link can be found all over internet nowadays because it shows the hypocrisy of the US government demonizing hemp whilst they actually promoted it and encouraged farmers to grow it in 1942 for the war effort. You can watch the video here or just google it yourself.
Of course, there is a difference between growing cannabis to be used as rope and growing it for smoking. Still, it’s weird that the US govt feels it’s necessary to ban a multi-purpose plant altogether. Why the hell ban nature, anyway?