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Ken Miller Debunking Intelligent Design

The following video shows a lecture by an American cell biologist named Kenneth Miller. He effectively and conclusively argues that Intelligent Design has no place whatsoever in science. If there are any religious people reading this (which I doubt)  and prepared to ignore it on the basis of the dude being another atheist blasphemer – take note that he is a practicing Roman Catholic, and that some priest/bischopish dude even blesses the lecture before it starts.

The length of the video is about two hours in total; the length of the lecture itself is one hour and ten minutes. I found it very informative and entertaining.




Here’s three videos of three peculiar ways of committing art. The first one is an internet classic, sand animation:


Music could be Kitaro?  I wouldn’t know.. It’s sweet though.

Next up is, heh, how to draw a car in microsoft paint:


The last one is an amazingly beautiful spraypainted painting. I wouldn’t mind having this shit hang on my walls. And he does it in below 10 minutes, as well. Wah.


…and hilarity ensued.

Time to lighten up a bit after my Dawkins spam. In an earlier post I had already posted an example of how funny shit is when actors themselves lose it in a comedy bit. Don’t we all love it when someone breaks character and can’t keep a stern look straight anymore!

I have here a sound clip from a radio program featuring a dude named DJ Super Snake who is on a mission to expose people that cheat.  In the program an Indian woman named Jasmine asks Snake’s help to find out if her husband is cheating on her. In the ensuing mayhem Snake completely loses it and can’t stop laughing – which for me is the funny bit about it.

And most people will probably already know this one – Richard Simmons on Whose Line Is It Anyway:

I don’t care much for stuff involving cheap homosexual jokes but the sheer glee of the hosts and the actors make this a memorable piece of comedy 😀

Even more Richard Dawkins!

I can’t get enough of him, apparently. I’m feeling more self-righteous every minute I watch his stuff 😀

Here’s a BBC documentary where Dawkins extensively argues his point about religion/faith being a dangerous, degenerate principle. He shows some disconcerting examples of the harm religion has been causing, of the indoctrination of children, of the cruelty of God and so on. It’s a lengthy watch – two times 48 minutes – but well worth the time if you’re interested in this sort of thing.



A Richard Dawkins video

I think I may have to occasionally post a Dawkins video. The dude is a rabid atheist. I like him.

The above lecture isn’t about religion/atheism though (although he neatly makes a stab at it in the end). What he talks about is actually what my mum used to try to tell me but of which I could not make sense of at the time.

Dawkins’ most impressive feat is that he can explain complicated things in an understandable way without oversimplifying anything. If that is not a grand skill, I don’t know what is.